How Early Do I Need to Be at Orlando Airport?

Most individuals are concerned about how early they should get to Orlando airport for air travel. Nobody would want to miss his/her flight because of arriving late. Missing a flight is the worst thing that can happen to you at the airport. To avoid such scenarios, you need to make sure you know how early you need to be at the airport. Arriving at the airport at the right time will guarantee you that you are going to take your flight. The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority suggests arriving at least three hours prior to your scheduled departure time. However, you are advised to check with your airline for precise recommendations.

To some individuals, arriving three hours prior to the departure time would seem too early. They don’ want to get to the airport this early since they will just get bored while waiting for the flight. Arriving too early can tempt you to start spending your money meant for vacation at the airport.

So how early do you need to be at Orlando Airport? There are various factors that determine how early you should be at the airport for your flight. In this article, we are going to look at the various factors that determine how early you should be at Orlando airport.

1. Security Screening.

Security check at the airport is a must. Airport security seems to last forever and this means you will have to arrive early in case you have luggage that needs to be checked. All your luggage will have to be screened so depending on the size of your luggage make sure you arrive at the airport in good time for this process.

2. Getting Your Preferred Seat.

Would you want to book a specific seat? If so then you should arrive before anybody else books the seat. Numerous individuals prefer the window seat so that they have a good view outside while other individuals prefer the aisle seat. The benefit of arriving early is that you will be able to choose your seat before anybody else.

3. How Will You Get To The Airport?

If you will be driving to the airport, don’t assume that the roads will be clear. You will encounter a lot of traffic that might delay you on the way. If you encounter traffic that will delay you on the roads then you will be risking missing your flight. It is not possible to predict how the roads will be and hence you should leave much earlier. Also, think about parking Orlando airport. You should arrive early to reserve a parking spot.

4. Are Traveling With Kids.

Things can be a bit good when traveling alone or with adults, however, expect things to be tough when traveling with kids. You know how kids can slow things down even when you are trying to rush. So if you are traveling with kids you better leave early to avoid complications at the airport.


The above are some of the key things that will determine how early you need to be at the Orlando airport for your flight. Keep these in mind to ensure you don’t miss your flight as this might cost you a lot.