6 Luxury Watches Brands in The World, You Must Know

A watch is not a just a timepiece, it is an epitome of luxury and status for many. There are several luxury brands which are known for producing exclusive watches with impressive craftsmanship and aesthetic looks, making it more than just an accessory. While a brand like Rolex is counted for the luxury watches Los Angeles, there are many in the leagues which impress the world with their exceptional features.

Let’s explore the 6 exquisite watch brands which give reasons to raise the eyebrows to any watch enthusiast

Patek Phillippe

Known for its traditional looks, this classic Swiss brand watch is the preferred choice of royalties like Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Founded in 1851, the exquisite features like moon phases, star charts, and perpetual calendars make it an appealing timepiece. The prestigious dial, complicated mechanics and distinctive signature style make it a choice for celebrities like Brad Pitt and Paul Mc Cartney.

Audemars Piguet

Founded in 1881, this has been known as one of the innovative watches for over 150 years and credited for introducing the world’s thinnest watch. Royal Oak Offshore is considered to be the first oversized watch under the brand name. The first steel luxury sports watch and first repeater wristwatch are also introduced by AP. Icons like Serena Williams, Kylie Jenner and Tom Cruise are known to treasure this watch with its delicate crown which needs to be handled carefully.


Counted as one of the most identified brands, it has become the status symbol which comes with a huge price tag. The articulately crafted mechanics and fabulous designs of these watches, the personalities like James Bond and Elvis Presley treasure this in their accessory collection. Founded in London, this brand is incredibly popular among the luxury watches in Los Angeles, leading its way to many counterfeits available at a dearth cheap price.


This subsidiary of Swatch Group is known for producing the exclusive timepieces which are limited to the production of 30 watches per day. Preferred for sophisticated styles, the minimalistic designs of these high-quality watches make them appealing to personalities like Jacques Cousteau and Vladimir Putin. Founded in 1735, it is one of the oldest active luxury brands which underwent several developments via modernizing production to deliver elaborately styled pieces.


This Italian brand is known for producing designer timepieces with bold styles and simple numerals. Founded in Florence Italy in 1860, it incepted to produce the precision instruments and watches for the Royal Italian Navy and become popular for providing military divine watches.

The only glitch is that the mass production of the few of its model which barred it from exclusive timepiece list. But certainly, it is on the list of the idols like Bill Clinton, Jerry Ferrara and Heidi Kulm.

IWC Schaffhausen

Dated back to 1868, this brand has sustained its market existence by producing durable and elegantly designed classic timepieces which are adored by the celebs like Adriana Lima and Robert De Niro. To excel in today’s competitive market; this top-notch German-Swiss manufacturer has a plan to produce superior standard watches with its new production center