3 Reasons Why Are Some Luxury Watches Ugly

Watch designers spend a considerable amount of time and effort into creating a watch that is both attractive and appealing. However, sometimes this is not the case as some luxury watches Los Angeles come out looking uglier than Betty. A quick look on internet forums will reveal just how much the general population find the majority of luxury watches distasteful. So this brings the question, why do manufacturers make such ugly watches? And on top of that, why are these ugly watches so expensive? To answer these questions, we have come up with a list of three possible reasons why this is the case.

1.They are Veblen goods

Luxury watches are considered to be Veblen goods in that the higher their prices the more appealing they are to the customers. In essence, they are just status symbols and buyers do not really think deeply about the design and in fact, they are not even interested in the design. This is because their number one priority is to have a watch that costs 100,000 dollars just as an example. With this in mind, many watch producers or manufacturers will not pay so much attention to the design of the watch but more so on the pricing and producing a limited quantity so as to increase the competition. So this explains why a very expensive watch may come out looking ugly.

2.Maybe they’re not really ugly

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder which is true in some cases and debatable in others. In the case of luxury watches being ugly, it is a debatable issue because some people find a watch that has been described as ugly by others appealing. So this comes down to personal tastes and preferences, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. There are many different brands with different offerings where people can choose their meat and avoid their poison. Therefore before you describe a watch as ugly do seek the opinion of others to see whether you’re on the same page regarding its looks.

3.The problem of over-designing

Too many cooks spoil the food, a well-known proverb which applies perfectly in this case. Some manufacturers knowing how much their clients spend on their watches become obsessed with producing the most complicated designs. Many designers are called to work on one watch which is redesigned several times until they feel satisfied with the outcome. This process of designing and redesigning and calling different experts ironically ends up giving out an unappealing product. But remember, the buyers are not so focused on the design but on having an exclusive watch and are therefore highly likely to overlook this. It explains why some watches have price tags that do not match their look.

Some watches may look strange or unusual and therefore look ugly to some people. Well, remember that they may look ugly to you but the fact that they’re in the market means someone is ready to buy them otherwise nobody will bother to manufacture these watches if no one was willing to spend some big bucks on them.